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Accountability Transparency Matrix (ATM)

Last Updated on: March 04, 2023

The Accountability-Transparency Matrix (ATM) is designed to serve both as an instrumentality for continuous self-appraisal by the employees and concurrent performance audit of the employees by the superior authorities against universally accepted objective parameters.

As per the system, each and every employee will be required to rate his performance as per the ATM parameters and submit it to the supervisory authority on quarterly basis by 3rd of the month succeeding the quarter. The supervisory authority should record his/her remarks in the ATM and share the feedback in the staff meetings. The filled-up ATMs should be kept in the personal file of the employees and appropriate strategies be devised. The Senior-most Secretary shall review the feedback of the supervisory authorities in the meetings of the senior officers of the department. As per the feedback, nesessary steps should be taken to improve their level of performances.

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