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Secretariat - Establishment Branch

Last Updated on: December 28, 2022


Nodal Department

  • Concerned with the administration of the Assam Secretariat Subordinate Services.
  • eOffice, ePrastuti & eHRMS.
  • Provide manpower to all Departments/ Establishments/ Commissions.


Security Matters

  • ID Cards, Entry Pass, Car Pass, etc.



  • Procurement, distribution and maintenance of Computer, printer and scanner, etc.


HR Department

  • Establishment matters of the officers and staff of the Assam Secretariat Services.
    (Recruitment, Transfer & Posting, Promotion, Leave, Confirmation, Pension)
  • Training and Capacity Building.
  • Medical Reimbursement & Social Security Fund of staff of Assam Secretariat Services.
  • Appointment of Nazir, Cashier, Accountant, etc.
  • Association matters, Amendment of Rules, etc.
  • NOC for International Passport, Exam appearance, Foreign Visit, etc.


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