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Institutional Mechanism for Maintenance of Cleanliness

Last Updated on: March 04, 2023


  • Clealiness and hygiene is given utmost importance within the Assam Secretariat Campus.
  • Workers are entrusted with the specific responsibilities of keeping all the blocks clean.


The Assam Secretariat gives due importance in maintaining a clean and hygienic campus. All the blocks are required to be kept neat and well maintained. For this purpose, various workers are entrusted with the responsibilty of keeping the campus well groomed along with fixing other problems such as blockage of drains, pipes etc.

Whom to Contact

Smti. Gitashree Talukdar
Assam Secretariat, Block 'A', Ground Floor
Phone: 96139-01514
e-Mail: gitashree.talukdar@gov.in

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