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Government Of Assam General Administration

Residences - Dispur

  • S. N. Name of Scheme Date of estimated approval Estimated amount (in Lakh)
    1 Extension/Repairing & Renovation work of Twin Type Duplex Qtr. No. F-2 at IAS Colony, Khanapara, Guwahati-22 (Sanitary and water supply works) GAG(A) 232/2018 dated 11-10-2018 2.14600
    2 Providing Air Conditioner and allied work to the Block C-3 Qtr. at Senior Officers Colony, Khanapara, Ghy-22. GAG(A) 102/2018 dated 08-10-2018 1.00513
    3 Construction of seating/ waiting rooms at Brahmapura State Guest House, (CM's Residence) at Kharghuli, Guwahati. GAG(B)230/2018 dated 05-10-2018 11.86600
    4 Providing & Installation of 2(two) Nos. new split Air Conditioner and 1 No. existing AC Repairing and shifting in the Qtr. No. E-2 at Senior Officers Colony, Khanapara, Ghy-22. (occupied by H.M Caire IAS, Addl. Chief Secy, Assam) GAG(A) 359/2017 dated 05-10-2018 1.49830
    5 Providing false ceiling of 3 (three) Nos room of Cottage No 24 at Old M.L.A Hostel, Dispur, Guwahati-6 GAG(A)142/2018 dated 29-09-2018 1.24524