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Government Of Assam General Administration

Residences - Dispur

  • Sl No Name of estimateEstimated Amount(in Lakh) Date of estimated approval
    1“Repairing/Renovation of Chief Secretary residence at I.A.S colony, Khanapara,Guwahati.(Phase-II)612880GAG(A) 51/2017
    2“Repairing /Renovation of Internal Electrification to the Type-VIII(S) 18/3 in the Capital Complex at Dispur, Guwahati-06.95400GAG(A) 48/2017/18  dtd. 24/02/2017
    3Repairing and Renovatopn work of Capital State Dispensery, LastGate, Dispur451600GAG(A) 48/2017
    4Improvement / Renovation /Repairing etc. of Govt. Residential Qtr. At housefed Complex, Notboma, Guwahati-38, Block G-004,104,304,301,201,101,001 & 209 386700GAG(A)42/2017/35  dtd. 21/02/2017
    5Repairing & Improvement . of Govt.Qtr(Repairing of Govt qtr type -VII(M) No.3/6 at  Super market, Guwahati-6 Occupied by Pulin Chandra Barman.100600GAG(A)43/2017/29  dtd. 20/02/2017
    6Repairing /Renovation  of Govt Residential .Qtr. Repairing & renovation  Govt qtr type -VII(M) No.21/1 at  Super market, Dispur  Occupied by Sri Mina Ram Deka103400GAG(A)44/2017/29  dtd. 28/02/2017
    7Repairing and Improvement of Govt Qtr type VIII (M) No 13/5 and 18/4 (2Nos) at Super Market, Dispur, Guwahati-6 occupied by Anutul Sinha & Sri Santichya Hatibaruah.190900GAG(A)45/2017/28  dtd. 20/02/2017
    8“improvement of grade-IV staff Qtr, RCC Building(D), replacement of PVC tank, 2000 ltrs, Glass panes Bathroom Doors repairing works of kitchen 304, staircase repairing at Capital complex, Dispur, Guwahati-06231000GAG(A)41/2017/26  dtd. 01/03/2017
    9Renovation of Footrace , floor cleaning & sanitary W/Supply works in the Hon'ble former C. Ms residence at Koinadhara Hill, Khanapara, Guwahati-22.498469GAG(A)41/2017
    10Repair/Renovation of 4th Grade Staff Qtr at Honble former C. Ms Rsidence at  Koinadhara Hill, Khanapara, Guwahati-22.436703GAG(A)50/2017
    11Repairing/Renovation of Hon'ble former C. Ms resudence Koinadhara Hill, Khanapara, Guwahati-22.418128GAG(A)50/2017
    12Repairing/Renovation of Hon'ble former C. Ms residence Koinadhara Hill, Khanapara, Guwahati-22.2167883GAG(A)50/2017
    13Improvement of Grade-IV staff Qtr(Minor repairing works at Blick No.4,5 (s)=19 units at Capital Complex, Dispur, Guwahati-6492200GAG(A)58/2017/24  dtd. 28/02/2017
    14Improvement /Renovation/Repairing of Govt.Residential Qtr at Housefed Complex, Guwahati-8(Block M-II) part A489660GAG(A)57/2017/19  dtd. 28/02/2017
    15“Repairing & Renovation works in the Govt.residential Qtr Type-VIII(M) at Hudco Complex, Rukminigaon, Guwahati-06.495621GAG(A)61/2017/25  dtd. 07/03/2017
    16Repairing & renovation of Grade-IV staff Qtr. Block No 15/5 (M) at Capital Complex, Dispur, Ghy-6 occupied by Ashish Kr Das, Driver.95000GAG(A)62/2017/24  dtd. 08/03/2017
    17Repairing & renovation of Grade-IV staff Qtr. Block No 16/3 and 7(M) at Dispur Capital Complex, ,Ghy-6 occupied by Gauri Singh & Sujit Sen92732GAG(A)63/2017/19  dtd. 08/03/2017
    18Repairing & Improvement of Govt. Residential Qtr. At Housefed Complex, Notboma, Guwahati-38. Block M-II, C-19 (Occupied by Mridul Saikia)155000GAG(A)64/2017/25  dtd. 08/03/2017
    19Repairing and Rnovation work of Rsdential Qtr No D-003 at Housefed Complex,Notboma, Guwahati-38119000GAG(A)68/2017/30  dtd. 07/03/2017
    20Repairing and Renovation work of Type-VIII(M)5/5 at Supermarket, Dispur, Guwahati-698000GAG(A)69/2017/29  dtd. 07/03/2017
    21Repairing and Renovation work of Type-VIII(M) 32/2 at Capital Comlex, Dispur, Guwahati-6108600GAG(A)70/2017/30  dtd 07/03/2017
    22Repairing of 11/0 433 KV,250 KVA transformer and Sub-Station – structure at Senior Officers Colony, Khanapara, Guwahati-22234696GAG(A)70/2017
    23Renovation /Reaction of existing 5 passengers Elevators in 6(six) building Block (Block B to G) at Jawahar Nagar, Housefed Complex, Tripura Road, Guwahati-222602812GAG(A)111/2016/36  dtd. 18/02/2017
    24Repairing and improvement of 2*10 HP, 3 phase Centrifugal Monoloc pump and 1*3.00 HP submersible motor pump set at the Assam Secretariat residential complex, Housefed Apartment, Jawaharnagar, Tripura road, Ghy-22.97982GAG(A)111/2016/37  dtd. 18/02/2017
    25Improvement/Renovation work at block No A.B at Notboma Housefed Complex, Guwahati-28(Outside wall painting with weather coat etc) 700300GAG(A)2015/2010/63  dtd. 13/02/2017
    26Improvement/Renovation work at block No A.B at Notboma Housefed Complex, Guwahati-28(Outside wall painting with weather coat etc) 700300GAG(A)2015/2010/63  dtd. 13/02/2017
    27Improvement/Renovation work at block No A.B at Notboma Housefed Complex, Guwahati-28(Outside wall painting with weather coat etc) 700300GAG(A)2015/2010/63  dtd. 13/02/2017
    28Renovation of Internal & External Electrification to the Type-VII(M) 4/6 in the Capital Complex at Dispur, Ghy-06185000GAG(A)215/2010
    29 Repairing/Renovation of Internal & External Electrification of Govt. Residential Qtr No 2 Block No 5 occupied by Mrs. Manju Devi (1*8=8 units) at Horizon Colony, Dispur, Ghy-6475590GAG(A)73/2017
    30Repairing/renovation of internal electrification of Govt Residential Qtr M-II of phani Talukdar along with other 6(six) Nos Qtrs at Housing Complex, Notboma,Guwahati-38884138GAG(A)73/2017
    31Repairing/Renovation of Internal & External Electrification of Govt Residential Qtr No9Block No 4 along with other Qtr(i. E 1*9=9 Units) at old  Horizon Colony, Dispur, Ghy-06.490619GAG(A)76/2017/46  dtd. 06/03/2017
    32Renovation of Internal & External Electrification to the Type-VII(M) qtr No 31/1-4 in the Capital Complex,Dispur, Ghy-06.351840GAG(A)76/2017/46  dtd. 06/03/2017
    33Improvement of Gr-Iv staff Qtr (Minor repairing works at Block No8,9(S)=16 units) at Capital Complex, Dispur, Ghy-6458469GAG(A)83/2017/124  dtd. 04/03/2017
    34Improvement of Gr-Iv staff Qtr ( Repairing of Block No 3/7(D) at Capital complex, Dispur, Ghy-665200GAG(A)83/2017/124  dtd. 04/03/2017
    35Repairing Govt Residential Quarter(Repairing/Renovation of Govt Residential Qtr Type VIII(M) No 40/6,46/4,& 26/2 at Capital Complex Dispur, Guwahati-6(Occuoied by Dipak Dey, Kabiram Haloi & Smti Rekha Moni Bora)315000GAG(A)83/2017/124  dtd. 04/03/2017
    36Repairing/Renovation of Govt Residential Qtr at Housefed Complex, Notboma, Guwahati-38 block A 001,(Occupied by Sri Mainul Haque)154400GAG(A)83/2017/124  dtd. 04/03/2017
    37Renovation/Repairing of Govt. Residential Qtr. Type-II at Minister Colony, Capital Complex, Dispur, Ghy-06, Qtr No 7 occupied by Hon'bla MLA Rihan Daimary340400GAG(A)84/2017/51 dtd. 07/03/2017
    38Repairing and Renovation work of Septic tank & latrin & Bathroom in the Govt Residential Qtr No 4 A & B in Rukminigaon, Dispur, Ghy-6.160541GAG(A)87/2017/46  dtd. 16/03/2017
    39Improvement of Grade-Iv staff qtr Block No 28 & 29(M) (repairing/renovation of Septic Tank) at Capital Complex, dispur, Ghy-6.108100GAG(A)87/2017/46  dtd. 16/03/2017
    40Repairing/Renovation of Internal electrification of Govt Residential Quarter No M-II, C-19 of Mr Mridul Saikia's Quarter at Housing Complex,Natboma,  Guwahati112411GAG(A)53/2017/11  dtd. 06/03/2017
    41Repairing and painting work of a Room of Transit Camp Building Ground Floor at Senior's Officer's Colony, Khanapara, Ghy-22 79700GAG(A)53/2017
    42Repairing of Govt Residential Qtr (Repairing/Improvement of Govt Residential Qtr Type-VIII(M) No 7/1 and 15/5 (2Nos) at Super Market, Dispur, Ghy-06254900GAG(A)95/2017
    43R/R of Internal & External Electrification of Govt Residential Qtr No 7, blick-14 of Sri pradip Lahkar, peon attached to the Chief Secretary at Grade-IV (M) Colony, Guwahati-657771GAG(A)93/2017
    44Renovation of Internal and External Electrification to the type-VIII (M) Qtr No 39/3 in the Capital Complex at Dispur, Guwahati-0683627GAG(A)92/2017
    45Renovation of Internal and External Electrification to the type-VIII (M) Qtr No ½ in the Capital Complex at Dispur, Guwahati-06164092GAG(A)91/2017
    46Providing Street light in the premises of Gr-IV Employees Qtrs of assam Secretariat, Dispur, Guwahati-06 (Phase-I)2842270GAG(A)97/2017/17 dtd. 18/03/2017
    48R/R of Govt Qtr Type No VIII(M)2/3-Super market (Munindra Kr. Sarma)124300 
    49R/R of Govt Qtr Type No VIII(M)31/1 -Capital Complex Swarnamoni Duwaha )94700GAG(A)90/2017
    50R/R of Govt Qtr Type No VIII(M)16/3 Super Market (Mrinal Dutta) 104900GAG(A)90/2017
    51R/R of Govt Qtr Type No VIII(M)8/6 Super Market (Dikha Bordoloi)107800GAG(A)90/2017
    52R/R of Govt Qtr Type No VIII(M)5/1 to 5/6 Super Market 87000GAG(A)90/2017
    53R/R of Govt Qtr Type No VIII(M)41/1 to 41/4 at  Capital Complex91100GAG(A)90/2017
    54R/R of Govt Qtr Type No VIII(M)4/1 to 4/6 at  Super Market73400GAG(A)90/2017
    55Repairing Renovation work of Qtr No 31, type-VIII(M) at Capital Complex, Dispur, Guwahati-6 (Occupied by Rumi Devi) 94000GAG(A)90/2017
    56Repairing & renovation of Gr-IV staff Qtr Block No 35/1(M) at Capital Complex, Disur, Guwahati-6 (Occupied by Suraj Biswas) 91735GAG(A)94/2017
    57Minor repairing works of Gr-Iv staff Qtr New RCC building B-C/203 at Capital Complex ,Dispur, Guwahati-6 (occupied by Habibul Islam )47429GAG(A)94/2017
    58Repairing & renovation of Gr-IV staff Qtrs (Minor repairing works at Block No ¼ and 1/6(50 units) at Horizon Colony, Dispur, Ghy-6327568GAG(A)94/2017
    59Repairing/Renovation of internal electrification of Govt Residential Grade-IV Qtr No (M)23/2(1*7 Nos=7 Nos) at Capital Complex at Dispur, Guwahati-06.462183GAG(A)94/2017
    60Renovation of internal & external Electrification to type VIII (M) 8/3 in the Capital Complex at Dispur, guwahati-06177700GAG(A)100/2017
    61Repairing/Renovation of internal electrification of Govt Residential quarter No-203 & 302, block-A of Mr Dulal kr Nath & smti Raju Rohang quarters at Housing Complex, Notboma, Guwahati.224668GAG(A)100/2017
    62Repairing of Boudary wall of New Minister's Colony, near Assam secretariat Complex, dispur, ghy-06,477971GAG(A)98/2017
    63Maintenance and Repairs under-2216 M& R-Non-plan for the year 2016-17(Repairing of Govt. Residential Qtrs (Block-G-1020 at Notboma, Housefed Complex, occupied by eahdul hoque Laskar, P.A to Secretary, health & Family welfare Deptt, assam110150GAG(A)99/2017
    64Improvement/Renovation works of Block No A-4 at sr. Officer's Colony at Khanapara, Guwahati-22120800GAG(A)102/2017
    65Repairing of Roof Treatment at Top Floor of block No.B-6 Occupied by S. K. Khare I.A.S at Senior Officer's Colony, Khanapara, Guwahati-22.191600GAG(A)104/2017
    66Earth filling/Site filling and Carpeting in front of Transit Camp Building at I.A.S colony, Khanapara, Guwahati-22391500GAG(A)104/2017
    67Repairing and Improvement work of Block No  E at Notboma, Housefed Complex, Hatigaon, Guwahati-381444700GAG(A)103/2017
    68contruction of new scfeptic tank cluding conection of existing inpection pit at Block No. F-6 , IAS colony, Khanapara118600GAG(A)82/2017/323 Dtd. 02/03/2017
    69Rep/ Reno  work of Bl-No. B-1. IAS Colony Khanapara208000GAG(A)82/2017/323 Dtd. 02/03/2017
    70Rep/ Reno work of Bl-No. B-3. & A-4 and unit No. C,D including uit No. F at Transit camp Building IAS Colony Khanapara399800GAG(A)82/2017/323 Dtd. 02/03/2017
    71Rep/ Reno work of twin type Qtr. No. F-5 at IAS Colony Khanapara416300GAG(A)82/2017/323 Dtd. 02/03/2017
    72Rep/ Reno work of Bl-No. D-2. at  IAS Colony Khanapara473600GAG(A)82/2017/323 Dtd. 02/03/2017
    73Raising of existing Brick Boundary wall around the compound including renovation work of Bl- D-1 IAS Colony Khanapara Ghy.491800GAG(A)82/2017/323 Dtd. 02/03/2017
    74Rep/ Reno work of twin type duplex Qtr. No. F-2 IAS Colony Khanapara. Ghy.704000GAG(A) 60/2017/40  dtd. 01/03/2017
    75Renovation work of water supply system including Cylindrical water tank(syntex) at Natboma Housefed Complex Ghy719524GAG(A) 67/2017/34  dtd 01/03/2017
    76contruction of RCC overground water reservoir at Notboma Housefed Complex Ghy374048GAG(A) 67/2017/35  dtd 01/03/2017
    77Installation of New Deep tube well at Notboma Housefed complex Ghy. 1914742GAG(A) 67/2017/32  dtd 01/02/2017
    78Repairing of Deep tube well at Notboma Housefed complex Ghy. 846532GAG(A) 67/2017/34-A  dtd 01/03/2017
    79Construction of Sentry post 8 Nos. at IAS Colony Khanapara, Ghy779100GAG(A) 30/2017/16  Dtd. 06/02/2017
    80Improvement of Gr-Iv staff Qtr ( minor Repairing works of Block No. 10/11 (S) = 8 units at Capital complex, Dispur, Ghy-6420048GAG(A) 77/2017/36  Dtd. 04/03/2017
    81Rep/ Reno  work of Bl-No. D-2 at  IAS Colony Khanapara188030GAG(A) 78/2017/80 dtd. 06/03/2017
    82Rep/ Reno  work of Duplex type Qtr. No. E-2 at  IAS Colony Khanapara322400GAG(A) 78/2017/80 dtd. 06/03/2017
    83Rep/ Reno  work of Twin type Qtr, No. F-2 at  IAS Colony Khanapara118100GAG(A) 78/2017/80 dtd. 06/03/2017
    84Rep/ Reno  work of Bl-No. D-5 at  IAS Colony Khanapara253300GAG(A) 78/2017/80 dtd. 06/03/2017
    85Repairing & improvement of Internal Electrical Wiring sysytem and light fitting at Bl- D-4. Qtr. At Sr. Officers  Colony Khanapara290940GAG(A) 75/2017/9  dtd. 04/03/2017
    86Providing internal electrification in the newly constructed two Nos. Sentry Post at main gate, repairing of internal electrification in the security barrack and providing inverter battery in the E-4 Qtr. Occupied by NK Das, IAS Retd.  Of Sr. Officers Colony , Khanapara.140318GAG(A) 71/2017/103 dtd 06/03/2017
    87Comprehensive and preventive maintenance of electrical sysytem / equipment installed in Sr. Officers Colony, Khanapara1755876GAG(A) 71/2017/103 dtd 06/03/2017
    88Improvement & Repairing  of Internal Electrical wiring system In Bl-No. D-1 Qtr. at Sr. Officer Collony Khanapara, Ghy. 301208GAG(A) 71/2017/103 dtd 06/03/2017
    89Rep/ Reno work of unit No. B & F of Transit camp Building IAS Colony Khanapara374000GAG(A) 66/2017/121  dtd. 08/03/2017
    90Rep/ Reno work of Bl-No. B-6 at  IAS Colony Khanapara732700GAG(A) 66/2017/121  dtd. 08/03/2017
    91Comprehensive and preventive maintenance of electrical  installations, Street lights Security flood lights, post top lantern, Digi set Fire Alarm and detection system and Air Conidtioners etc, of State Guest House No.1 resided by then Hon'ble Chief  Minister Assam and Now Hon;vle Chief Minister at Khanapara, Ghy-22 for the year 2016-17 (Comprehensive & prventive maintenance of ternal & External Electrification, Secuirty Flood lights, Post top lantern one No. 63 KV Diesel generator set including Fuel AC, Fire detection and alarm system etc., 981716GAG(A) 72/2017/72 Dtd. 02/03/2017
    92Installation of ceiling fans at Sentry post to the lead road to the Hon'ble Ex Chief Minister's Residence at Khanapara, 473548GAG(A) 72/2017/72 Dtd. 02/03/2017