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Government Of Assam General Administration

Office Buildings

  • S. N.Name of SchemeDate of estimated approvalEstimated amount (in Lakh)
    1Renovation of Motor Pump Sets for lifting of Drinking Water in New Secretariat Complex Buildings, Dispur, Ghy-6GAG(B)505/2016/9 dated
    2Construction of waiting hall with seating arrangement, drinking water facility etc. (PFC) in the office of SDO©, Biswanath, Biswanath CharialiGAG(B)226/2016/72 dated
    3Construction of 3(three) nos. of helipad for landing of Helicopter of the Hon'ble President of India coming to attend the session of Asom Sahitya Sabha at Jerenga Pathar, Sivasagar.GAG(B)652/2016/14 dated 19.1.1722.67400
    4Upgradation of fire hydrant system including pumps at Brahmaputra Guest House (presently used as Chief Minister Residence), Kharguli, Ghy-1GAG(B)650/2016/28 dated 24.1.1714.33041
    5Providing installation of New ceiling fan/ wall fan/ exhaust fan at different blocks (sitting area, toilets area, sentry room, visitor shed ) new Secretariat Complex, Dispur, Ghy6.GAG(B)32/2016/24 dated
    6Detail Project Report for MIS of GAD, by NIC.GAG(B)269/2016/44 dated
    7Development of On-Line system for inspection of DC/SDO© and other Sub-Ordinate Offices.GAG(B)237/2016/10 dated
    8Construction of prop. Waiting pavilion for visitor at the Minister's Colony, Dispur, Ghy-6GAG(B)301/2016/64 dated 19.12.1660.06800
    9Repairing/ Renovation of Peripheral lighting including Watch Tower for Security Purpose in New Secretariat Complex, DispurGAG(B)496/2016/20 dated
    10Repairing of Circuit House at AbhayapuriGAG(B)360/2016/74 dated 21.10.1619.83000
    11Installation of Inverter for instant power back up at the Hon'ble Chief Minister's Chamber, Minister's Chambers, Adviser to CM Chamber, Chief Secy's Chamber, Commissioner to CM Chamber, Secretary to CM Chamber, PS to CM Chamber, CM's visitor's rooms in New Secretariat Buildings, Dispur.GAG(B)606/2016/12 dated 20.1.1716.96188
    12Renovation & Repairing of Office of the Chief Minister including Chief Minister's Secretariat at 1st floor of CM Block of Assam Secretariat, Dispur.GAG(B)658/2016/39 dated
    13Construction/ repair/ Renovation of DC Office building kamrup, Amingaon (providing internal & external electrification)GAG(B)423/2016/19 dated 24.10.1628.67719
    14Repair/Renovation of electrical installation of Silchar Circuit House(Middle Block) and campus lighting at Silchar.GAG(B)361/2016/14 dated 21.10.1630.03000
    15Repairing / Renovation work etc. of the Office of the Additional Chief Secretary to the Govt. of Assam, Health & FW department at Room No. 307 of 3rd floor of CM Block of Assam Secretariat Complex, Dispur, Ghy-6GAG(B)659/2016/22 dated
    16Repair/ Renovation of rest room of the drivers in front of Janata BhawanGAG(B)437/2016/25 dated
    17Installation of LED tube lights in Assam Secretariat, Phase-I (Block C, E, CM)GAG(B)442/2016/7 dated
    18Repairing and Renovation work at CM Block by interior painting around the atrium at GF & FF at Assam Secretariat Complex, Dispur, Ghy.GAG(B)656/2016/16 dated
    19Renovation of IT Cell, CM Block, 4th Floor in Assam Secretariat, Dispur.GAG(B)22/2017/24 dated 27.1.1725.50600
    20Comprehensive Annual Maintenance of AC machine at Guwahati Circuit House (from 1.3.16 to 28.2.17= 12 Months)GAG(B)404/2016/58 dated
    21Comprehensive Annual Maintenance of AC machine at Brahmaputra State Guest House at Kharguli (from 1.3.16 to 28.2.17= 12 Months)GAG(B)404/2016/59 dated
    22Comprehensive Annual Maintenance of AC machine at GAD Building, PanBazar.GAG(B)404/2016/60 dated
    23Comprehensive Annual Maintenance of AC machine at DC Office, Kamrup(M) (from 1.3.16 to 28.2.17= 12 Months)GAG(B)404/2016/61 dated
    24Repairing & Renovation works of Minister's Office due to change of occupation by New Minister at Ground Floor (Room No. 006), 1st Floor (Room No. B-124), 2nd Floor (Room No.B-220), 3rd Floor (Room No. B-331) at Block-B at Assam Secretariat, DispurGAG(B)35/2017/24 dated
    25Renovation of Office Chamber, Conference room, visitor's lounge and terrace of Office Chamber of Minister of Finance, GDD & Tourism to the Govt. of Assam.GAG(B)48/2017/69 dated 8.2.1758.46348
    26Construction of RCC waiting pavillion for visitor's with drinking water, toilet facility and information Centre at DC's Office, KokrajharGAG(B)73/2017/13 dated
    27Repairing & Renovation work in the New Minister's Chamber at Block-E, Assam Secretariat, Dispur, Ghy-6GAG(B)559/2016/40 dated
    28Renovation of 2×250 KVA Sub-Station near Dispur Police Station & Old Minister's Colony and 250 KVA & 500 KVA Sub-Station near PHE Water Tank at New Capital Complex Dispur, Ghy-6GAG(B)12/2017/11 dated
    29Construction of Barrack for security personnel accompanying the visiting VIPs attached to Circuit House, Kokrajhar.GAG(B)38/2017/38 dated 15.2.1725.10000
    30Construction/ Renovation of conference hall including office accommodation for the office of the State Chief Vigilance Commissioner, Assam at 2nd floor in the O/o the Commissioner, LAD at GAD building, Pan Bazar.GAG(B)238/2016/67 dated 20.2.1793.03000
    31Construction of brick boundary wall in front of lakhipur I.B. and brick compound wall 1.50 m height at staff quarter and 1 no. of waiting shed and repairing and renovation of Guest House at Lakhipur IB complex at Goalpara.GAG(B)69/2017/45-48 dated 21.2.1729.03000
    32Repairing & Renovation work in the New Minister's Chamber at Block-F, 2nd floor, Room No. 201,202,203 , Assam Secretariat, Dispur, Ghy-6GAG(B)76/2017/20 dated
    33Improvement of power supply system of SDO© court complex & circuit house at Garmur, Majuli (providing & installation of 11KV line & 100 KVA Sub-Station.GAG(B)83/2017/21 dated 4.3.1711.03424
    34Providing security/ compound lighting at Circuit house, Nagaon.GAG(B)497/2016/31 dated 20.2.1719.81450
    35Campus lighting with LED lights at SDO© office campus at Kaliabor, Nagaon.GAG(B)463/2016/26 dated 22.2.1713.20260
    36Upgradation and repairing works of Hon’ble Chief Minister’s residence at Brahmaputra State Guest House, Kharguli, Guwahati for the year 2016-17. (Providing Door’s False Ceiling, Wall paneling, wall paper, partition wall, plastering, J.K. Wall Putty, Painting works, Aluminium Glass fittings at outside Lawn shed including Water supply & sanitary fittings.GAG(B)11/2017/34 dated 17.2.1719.86800
    37Vertical extension(Assam Type of DC's Court building at North Lakhimpur.GAG(B)370/2016/31 dated 1.3.1739.74500
    38Construction of drainage system(right side of the road) from the DC's Office to DC's Bungalow via Circuit House, Part-I in Chirang District.GAG(B)620/2016/30 dated 3.3.1749.98500
    39Improvement of Brahmaputra State Guest House at Kharguli, Guwahati. (Providing 50mm thick Bullet resistance glass alongwith B.R. steel frame at 3rd floor of Hon'ble Chief Minister residence, wheel gate as the first layer of security check, providing road side fencing grills, supplying new Fire Extinguisher and refilling of Fire Extinguishers at Hon'ble Chief Ministers residence at Kharguli, Guwahati) for the year 2016-17GAG(B)470/2016/75 dated 20.3.17137.10787
    40Development of designated field for celebration of Independence Day and Republic Day etc by constructing wooden platform fro saluting base at Rangia under GADGAG(B)80/2016/157 dated 21.2.1797.00000