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Know Your File Status

‘eOffice’ is a Mission Mode Project (MMP) under National e-Governance Programme for Government of India has been designed & developed by the National Informatics Centre (NIC). The eOffice product suite aims to usher in more efficient, effective and transparent inter-government & intra-government transactions & processes.
File Management System – the core module & integral component of eOffice product suite, aims at improving internal efficiencies in an organization by bringing in an era of ICT-enabled services offered with the product suite to optimize the existing landscape of administration in the country. eOffice provides an effective monitoring mechanism to assess the performance of individuals and the organization as whole on finger-tips. This monitoring mechanism will increase the accountability & responsibility in the administration and brings in an efficient and transparent public delivery system.


Citizen Centricity

All policy formulation in realm of citizen. Government is providing On-time service delivery to citizen with inclusion of e-governance in the administration. A holistic approach towards participative & inclusive governance by providing all relevant information to citizen on their finger-tips.

  • Grievance Redressal: All letters submitted to the departments are diarized & entered in the system with unique eCRNo.
  • Inclusion: Alerts with unique eCRNo. are provided to citizen for future references.
  • Participation: Real time track of submitted grievances to government departments in the secretariat helps expedite the process of redressal and raise relevant concerns in cases required by involved stakeholders.
  • Citizen Charter: The classification of submitted letters/DAKs to government & marking to relevant officers through the system helps in achieve the citizen charter needs of timely disposal of cases with effective public service delivery mechanism.


Real-time monitoring of cases submitted to government & its departments/ministries.

  • Tracking: All information in the system are stored with date-time stamping to bring in an era of seamless accountability who, when, & what was updated.
  • Automation: Paper-based information has long been a concern for mischief by non-functioning agent to portray information which becomes misleading at times. Inclusion of FMS will make the use of various DAK & Movement register obsolete with all information available in the system as per end-user requirement.
  • Evaluation: Real-time information at the helms of higher officials through reports, available hierarchical privileges in the system lets them evaluate the functioning & gauge the performance of individual departments.
  • Notifications: All the transactions in the application has inbuilt alerts as well as SMS/Mail bound alerts to notify end-users about transactional activities/pendencies at their disposal.


Dashboard & report-based information for the current status, previous history & processing time for disposal of cases.

  • Seamless Information: All available information in the system can be seamlessly shared with stakeholders & administrators of the secretariat alike. Movement History, Current Status all these information are available round-the-clock for ease of access.
  • Audit trail: The entire history pertaining to any record in the system is always available & easily accessible. Further updates, to available meta-data & information in the system is available as audit-trail to bring-in transparency of records & their information.
  • Trust: The use of services & features offered by application minimizes manual intervention in information storage & retrieval. The integrity of information increases with its electronic source & helps gain trust for shared information among involved stakeholders.
  • Reliability: Digitally stored information decreases the human intervention error & the source of information is open for scrutiny & audit with its trail of information & maintains the reliability with the stored data & record on secured National Data Centre servers.


No loss of information stored in DAK/Movement Register. System generated unique No. for all paper-trails in the government. Ease of record tracking, minimizing the searching/retrieval delays for information.

  • Process Simplification: The implementation & monitoring of existing landscape of governance through information from the system would bring in simplified processes with delegation of powers for identified categories, optimization of decision making process to bring-in an efficient public delivery mechanism with focused approach towards citizen benefits.
  • Disposal: Time bound disposal of cases can be achieved by effective data mining of information from the system brining an era of efficient governance in the state.
  • Transformation: The government offices would be transformed to a transactional processing system with deliverables monitoring at finger-tips for administration.
  • Digitization: eOffice-FMS would achieve the ever longing wish for this government of moving from paper-based information system to converting existing government offices into a digital information system for efficient manageability. 




To know about the status of your file through eOffice, please click below link:

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